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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Every week would be producing 400 thousand iPhone X will Apple arrive in November?

All media and analysts close to Apple sources agree on one thing: the iPhone X will be delayed and will not reach all users who have booked it to receive it on November 3. The Nikkei media has reaffirmed this today with a new note, in which they say that suppliers are working hard to meet deadlines and not further delay the production chain of the new flagship Apple.

400 thousand iPhone X produced every week

Specifically, the components of the 3D sensor that is incorporated in the front camera, system called TrueDepth cameras would be delaying the production chain. This data confirmed this a few weeks ago , but today another analyst has said that the production of the iPhone X would be placed in 400,000 devices a week. 
Face ID iPhone X
This figure is much higher than the one Ming-Chi Kuo gave us in early September, which was 10,000 units a day, 70,000 a week . These would be giving us to understand that Apple has put the batteries in the production chain, producing many more iPhone X a week than before. Which may be due? I would bet that distributors have received a wake-up call from Apple's board of directors to provide the necessary components to the production chain.
All the polls have led analysts to say that there will be millions of users who will reserve their new terminal at the end of October despite the high price. This would lead, if the production chain becomes much slower, to not all have it on November 3. 
This would be a reason for criticism of Apple, which I do not want, since it has been quite the wait since its introduction to the market launch. This would mean that the Cupertino company does not want any further delay and that is why they want the November 3 to have all those who have pre-booked the iPhone X at home.

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