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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How to book your iPhone X on time: do not miss it

We all know the problems of production so named iPhone X . The latest news was terrifying, and it seems that the shortage of terminals will make getting one of them really complex. Only 46,500 units would be available for the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, although it seems that production has increased in this month of October.
Be that as it may, it is clear that we all want one and we will love it as soon as possible. If you have the pasta, you want it and you do not want to wait as long as you did at the time with the Airpods, try to follow our instructions .
In these cases, it is best to do it faster than others. And that's why we've prepared 3 useful tips so you can book your iPhone X on time

Book it from the iPhone or iPad application

The truth is that the application interacts faster than the web page itself . If you do not have it on your iPhone and iPad and you want to get your iPhone X, download it with the button that we leave here below. You only have to be that day at the time of pre-booking in front of the screen.

Put it in favorites

Once this is done, and if you are clear about the model and color, you can leave it in favorites within the application. This will save you the same day October 27th having to be fighting with thousands more people and you will gain precious time that can determine to have it or not to have it. Once in favorites, your option is already pre-set and that magic Friday only you would have to make the payment.

Pay with Apple Pay

If you have configured Apple Pay is much better, you can make the difference between having it or not. The reason is simple. On the 27th, the seconds you use to enter the credit card number, we remember that they are 20 digits, plus the 3 of the CCV and the coordinates of your bank are essential. If you have the Apple payment system you already have an advantage over many people .
This is all, remember that with these three simple tips you can enjoy it before anyone else , and on November 3, have it at home. If you liked this post, do not forget to comment and follow us on our social networks. We will wait for you.

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