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Monday, October 2, 2017

How to capture audio from the microphone while recording the screen of your iPhone or iPad

One of the most interesting and outstanding features of iOS 11 is the ability to record the screen of our iPhone or iPad directly from the control center.
Maybe you have tried it and you will have noticed that it only records the internal sound, for example that of the applications.
But there is a very simple method to record also the microphone of the device itself. 
Burning the screen of our iPhone or iPad without having to resort to a PC or Mac is a great step, where in the case of the iPad helps to independence a little more its use without relying on a Mac if cables in between.

Record external audio in our video captures

IOS 11 microphone display recording
The procedure is really simple, simply enter the control center and leave the "Screen Recording" button pressed for a couple of seconds At this time the "Microphone Audio" option will appear.
This is where we must mark whether we want the audio around us to be activated or not. Depending on the option we activate, it will be saved for future recordings.
When this is activated, we can see the microphone icon in red . This way it will be much easier to know at a glance if the audio of the microphone will be picked up or not.
The screen recording function is a very important step, thanks to this native function, we can record some tutorial for some friend who has some doubts or show some outstanding feature of some application.
The video generated will be saved in our Photos reel, where we have several options to share it with our friends. If we do not have the option to record screen in our control center, we simply have to go to Settings / Control Center / Customize controls and upload "Screen Recording".
From that moment, the icon will appear in the Control Center of your device. Undoubtedly the recording of screen on the iPhone or iPad is one of the highlights in iOS 11.

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