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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to force restart an iPhone 8, and enter into recovery mode or DFU

With the release of the iPhone 8, Apple has changed the method to be followed to force the system restart, and also enter the DFU mode or recovery mode. It is curious because the Home button, although not mechanical but tactile, still exists on the iPhone 8, and these changes are propitiated by the removal of that button with the arrival of the iPhone X. So far, to force the restart of an iPhone or iPad had to leave pressed the power button and Home button at the same time for a few seconds, but now that will have no effect. The process now does not use the Home button, but uses a sequence of volume and power buttons, which Apple now calls side button .

Restart the iPhone to the force

To forcefully restart the iPhone 8 you must first press the volume up button (a normal press, the volume up indicator will appear on the screen), then the volume down (in the same way), and then release the button (power on) for a few seconds, until the display turns off. We release the button and we will see the Apple logo appear in a few seconds, and then iOS, as if we turned it on normally.

Recovery Mode

If for any reason you need to use iTunes to completely restore your iPhone, you should put it into recovery mode before connecting it to the computer with its USB-Lightning cable. To do this you must press the volume up button (usually a short one ), then the volume down (also short) button and then the side button for a few seconds, until the screen turns off. We keep the side button pressed until the iTunes logo appears on the screen, although previously you could see the Apple logo on the screen.

DFU mode

DFU mode (abbreviation for Device Firmware Update ) works the same as recovery mode but forces iTunes to restore your iPhone to the same version of iTunes you already have installed, rather than the latest version available. In this case the sequence is also volume up button, volume down button and then side button pressed several seconds, until the screen turns off. Then, leaving the side button pressed, also press the button to lower volume at the same time, leaving both pressed for about 5 seconds. Release the side button and let the lower volume down. The screen will remain black. When we connect the iPhone to iTunes, you will see the option to restore (it will be the only option).

To exit DFU mode

Press volume up, volume down, side button a few seconds, and we leave it tight until we see the Apple logo. We release it, and the iPhone will boot normally.

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