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Monday, October 2, 2017

How to use our favorite song as ringtone with iTunes 12.7

A few weeks ago iTunes was updated to version 12.7 by removing the Tones tab, among others. Many users have reported this fact asking for help to put a personalized ringtone on the iPhone In this article I will make a tutorial of all the steps that you must follow to be able to turn any song into a ringtone using the new version of iTunes.

Here are the steps to turn your song into a ringtone

First of all, is to have updated iTunes to the latest version available. As we will see, in the upper tab to move between music, images and formerly tones, has been modified eliminating this last option. But this is not a problem, as you can use your favorite song equally as a ringtone. These are the steps:
  1. First, we must put the song we want in iTunes.
  2. Now, we should limit it to 29 seconds , which is what the tones support. To do this, we will give you a secondary button above the song and follow the following path: information> Options and at the beginning and end we can place the piece of song that we want to hear when we are called.
Ring tones
  1. Now, we need to convert the song to an ACC format . To do this, we will select it and go to Files> Convert ACC version. Another file with a duration of 30 seconds will be created.
  2. This should be found in the Finder, right-clicking on this ACC version and clicking on "Show in the Finder" .
  1. In the container folder we will find this file in .m4a format by changing it to .m4r. To do so, we must simply click secondary> Rename and edit the extension.
  2. Now we will connect the iPhone to the Mac, and we will see in the left bar that appears a tab inside our iPhone called "Tones". This .m4r file will have to be dragged here and we can delete the ACC file and take the time limits on the original song as explained in step 2. It is only synchronized and we will have this tone on our iPhone.
  3. Now we will go to our iPhone to Settings> Sounds> Ringtones and we will find this song at the beginning.
Also, you can find ringtones like Game of Thrones on the ZEDGE website  with the format only just to drag "Tones" on the iPhone and you're done.
Follow these steps to put your favorite music as a call or you can always download it from iTunes. Leave us in the comment box all your impressions about it.

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