Thursday, October 26, 2017

How to watch the second season of Stranger Things on your iPhone and iPad

The second season of Stranger Things will be aired tomorrow , it is even possible that the new episodes are already available in the middle of the night, in a few hours ...
Stranger Things, with its spectacular retro setting and its fascinating plot full of mysteries, has become one of the best Netflix series . And the second season will be full of surprises ...
In this article we will explain how to watch the second season of Stranger Things online on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

How to renew your Netflix subscription

If you want to see the second season of Stranger Things you will need to subscribe to Netflix, the popular platform for digital content via streaming. For this, you will have to follow a series of very simple steps:
1. Download the official Netflix app on your iPhone and / or iPad:
2. Open the iOS App Store.
3. Click on your profile located in the upper right corner.
4. Access your account settings by clicking on your name.
5. Use the Touch ID functionality (or your password) to continue.
6. Then go to the "Subscriptions" section.
7. Select the subscription plan that you like the most.
8. Enter the credentials of your Apple ID and confirm the purchase.
Netflix offers you three different subscription plans monthly. A plan for € 7.99 with a screen, a plan for € 9.99 with HD and two screens and a plan for € 11.99 with HD and four screens.

How to download the episodes of the second season of Stranger Things

The official Netflix application allows its users to download content for later viewing without an Internet connection. And the new episodes of the second season of Stranger Things, of course, can be downloaded.
To do so, follow these steps:
1. Open Netflix.
2. Find the Stranger Things series.
3. Click on the arrow button next to the episode you wish to download.
4. Click on the blue bar at the bottom to check the status of the download process.
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