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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

If you are selling your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple recommends you do this before

If you are thinking of selling your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar or give it away, in addition to the typical formatting process to remove all your personal information, Apple recommends another step so that all your information is removed before passing this terminal to another user. This step is simply to use a command in Terminal , which we tell you below.

Here's what you should do if you sell your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

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It has not been said exactly what data stores exactly the Touch ID of the Touch Bar, but obviously it is safety information that if it falls into bad hands, it could turn against us. Now, Apple has updated the Touch Bar's user guide . In this has introduced the recommendation to include a command in the terminal of these devices before delivering it to your buyer and of course, with the hard disk formatted.
The step in concrete that Apple has added is the following:
You must erase the information stored in your Touch Bar before you sell or give away your MacBook Pro.
First, you need to launch the Mac from MacOS in recovery mode: Hold down the Command-R key on the keyboard immediately after pressing the power button to turn on the Mac, or immediately after your Mac starts to reboot.
When the macOS Utilities window appears, select Utilities> Terminal from the menu bar at the top. Type this command in the terminal:xartutil --erase-all
Press Enter, type Yes when asked if you are sure, and press Enter again. Finally, select Terminal> Exit Terminal and proceed to the next step.
This process has now been published, several months after these MacBook Pro were introduced. What about people who have sold or gifted it before? Do they have to worry about something? It is something we do not know, because Apple has not disclosed what information it contains specifically and which is erased when formatting the hard drive, or if it costs a trace can persist in the Touch ID. All this information we hope to clarify in the next few days, or for security reasons may keep it a secret.

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