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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

In the United Kingdom you can already pay with PayPal in the Apple Store online

A user has been able to purchase their new Apple Watch Series 3 from the Apple Store online using PayPal as a means of payment .
Apple currently allows different methods of payment depending on the country where we live.
In Spain we can use credit card, debit card, PayPal or through Movistar invoice our purchases in iTunes, App Store and iBook Store, but it is still not possible to buy a product in the Apple Store online.

A new step in paying for our purchases

If PayPal reaches the other countries, we will have a new secure payment method to make our purchases. Although most users usually buy with bank cards associated with their Apple ID. Many users are still wary of giving their bank details.
With PayPal we have a secure payment system that has been standardized around the world, the payment by reference in many purchases over the Internet. In Spain we enjoy PayPal with Apple, but only for the purchase of applications, music, movies or books.
Another novelty we had some time ago is the possibility to buy in the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music or iBook Store with the invoice of our telephone rate . In Spain it is only available with Movistar, being another method of payment accepted by many users.
Currently, if we have activated "In Family" , our payments can be done with credit cards, debit cards or even mobile billing. That is, we can buy an app or a strap for our Apple Watch. But the PayPal option is not available (currently).

To change your payment method in Apple, simply enter your Apple ID and select the one that suits you best. You can do it from the iPhone, iPad, Mac and even from an Android device if you use Apple Music.

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