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Thursday, October 12, 2017

IPhone X will keep our notifications safer

There is very little left for the arrival of the iPhone X. Many users already want to have it in their hands from November 3 where we will see the launch finally of the new technology that Apple has bet so much, since it has entrusted all the security of unlocking to this, and of course, I'm referring to Face ID. In this facial recognition system we would find a new way to protect our notifications. 

The iPhone X will offer us a new notification management system

We all know that on the iPhone even if we have it blocked, anyone can look at the lock screen and without needing to unlock it can read all your notifications, such as WhatsApp sent you or another. This with iOS 11 and Face ID will be over forever, if you want clear. 
Notifications on iPhone X
In iOS 11 was given the possibility of the user to delete the content of the notification that has arrived, you would simply get a message of "A new notification of WhatsApp", without revealing the content of this, as we see in the image that the I left it at the top. For those who do not know, you can find this in Settings> Notifications> Show previews. If we deactivate them, in the lock screen we will get our notifications as shown in the right of the image above.
But, if you have an iPhone X the thing can change in favor of the user. Using the face recognition system, Face ID, the iPhone X can detect if the owner is looking at the lock screen or anyone else who has picked up our phone. If we are the owner, we can see the content of the notification , otherwise the preview will be hidden.
This method is very interesting and we expect more applications of Face ID in the future that improve as not, our security, one of the priorities for Apple. Let us know what you think in our comment box.

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