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Friday, October 27, 2017

LG opens a new factory to provide more components to Apple

The demand for the iPhone X and the low stock that will be of this terminal is therefore leading Apple to rethink the production of the components of their iPhone, which have been responsible for this scarce stock . That is why LG would have opened a new factory in Vietnam to be able to produce more modules of the cameras and the different lenses that provide them to the different models of the iPhone.

LG to provide more camera components to Apple

As we all know, all the iPhone components we have in our hands and most Apple devices are not the company itself. It has different agreements with other brands to provide the different components. For example, Samsung produces OLED screens for the iPhone X, and LG different components of the camera. 
IPhone 8 Camera
IPhone 8 Camera Features
Now, Apple would be asking for a greater supply of these and that is why it would have opted to open a new factory by LG in Vietnam to be able to produce about 100,000 modules per day until the end of 2017 that would be shipped from 2018 according to various sources close to this company. All this production would continue until 2019 and on.
It is logical that a lot of components are needed because currently the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus and the 8 are currently on sale . To be able to produce them with good fluidity it is normal that the production chains are cleared and already with the iPhone X we have seen the fair ones that have gone to the great demand that there is of this terminal as indicated by all the surveys and surveys to the users.

At 9:01 (Spanish time) tomorrow will begin to reserve the iPhone X and here Apple will see if you will need to increase production even more and learn from these errors for next year and have components to spare and not go short

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