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Monday, October 30, 2017

Nintendo launches pixelated Mario stickers for iMessages

Now we can send Mario stickers in pixelated version with iMessages , the Apple messaging app.
It also includes Cappy, Mario's friend in Super Mario Odyssey, game that has had a resounding success in its launch a few days ago. Cappy also appears pixelated along with Mario in this pack of stickers.
These stickers show some famous scenes of the legendary game of Nintendo with NES, a video game console that has gone on sale in mini format.

Mario for iMessages

Mario Sticker Stickers iOS
The Mario sticker pack is interesting because it has the pixel essence of the first early Mario games, along with characteristic scenes and characters.
But it also combines with the last game released by Nintendo a few days ago, specifically on October 27, coinciding with the iPhone X reservations , like this pack of stickers.
The sticker pack has a price of 2.29 euros in total. If you are a Mario fan, you will surely not miss your iPhone to send it by iMessage to your friends.
It is not the first pack of stickers that Nintendo launches for iMessages, it already did with Super Mario Run , the first game for a smartphone with a new concept of movements, where Mario does not stop running.
Although it had some criticism for the launch price, the update of the game had better reviews, offering a 50% discount. In the Super Mario Run sticker pack, we can even use Mario accessories in our photographs.
So if you're a fan of Mario Bros , now you can get with the new pack of stickers pitching for Nintendo for iMessages for 2.29 euros.

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