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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

One of the best translators for iOS and Apple Watch is from Microsoft

In iOS we have a really interesting application to translate text in real time, it is from Microsoft and it works really well.
This is Microsoft Translator , an application that integrates with the extensions of iOS and allows us to translate in a really interesting way any web page. In addition we have an application for the Apple Watch that works really well.
The ratings are very positive, bordering the 5 stars in the Apple Store with more than 200 positive reviews. It is also completely free and we can perform more actions with it.

Many languages, perfect and immediate translation

Microsoft iOS Translator
The Microsoft Translator application can translate more than 60 languages , but not only that, it is also capable of translating voice, conversations, photos and even screenshots. An application that is very useful in our trips abroad.
The application is prepared so that we can write or dictate our questions , while the other half of the screen will translate the translation in an inverted way. So it is much easier and less aggressive to communicate with someone.
The interface of the application is very careful with a minimalist style , we simply have a wallpaper and four small buttons that refer to the microphone, keyboard, conversation or images.
If we want Microsoft Translator to do its work on a Safari web page , directly from iOS. We just have to add the extension. Once we are in the desired web, we click the icon of the extension and it will automatically translate it to the language that we want.
Apple Translator
It is important to know that before we have to go through the application settings to be able to default to our option in Safari. For example, to always translate into Spanish.
An important support is the conversation guides , where we will have a wide catalog of recurring phrases and questions. All categorized by various themes.
If we do not have Internet connection, we can download the complete dictionary of all the languages ​​that we want. Thus, we will have the opportunity to translate any text, voice or images without having to connect to the Internet.
Without a doubt, Microsoft Translator is one of the best (not to say the best) translation application for Safari, but especially for iOS in general. It also has application for the Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone  completely free.

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