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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

One user claims that her iPhone 8 started to smoke while sleeping

A user named Xiaomin, claims that her iPhone 8 began to make some strange sounds , where it then began to smoke out of it to such an extent that it made a big hole in the back.
This news has to be cautious, since you can not verify the truth of the facts until Apple reviews it and determine what were the exact causes of this incident.
In the image we can see how the back of the iPhone 8 presents a big hole , which many users say could be a big blow.

Apple will determine exactly what happened

Xiaomin claims that his iPhone began to crack in the back where he toured that the iPhone 8 is made of glass. Then, smoke began to emerge from it. The girl, waking up and seeing what was happening, was frightened and sprinkled water on the device, without making it stop smoking.
When the process ended, Xiaomin took his iPhone 8 to take some pictures and send them to Apple . Now you have to wait for the tests you make to the device to determine exactly what happened.
We insist that with this news you have to be cautious until you have a real valuation by the specialized technicians. The iPhone 8 and any Apple device are very safe , so you can continue to use it without problems.
It is true that in recent weeks we have had some news with similar facts, we can count them with the hands, so at the moment it would not be a massive case like the Samsung Note 7 , where they determined that everything was for a design failure.
Shuffling the possibility that the iPhone 8 was connected to a charging dock , where it was heated to a high temperature and caused the device to start to burn. But as we say, we will have to wait for an official response from Apple.

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