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Friday, October 6, 2017

Operators say: "The iPhone 8 is a failure in sales"

The main phone operators are talking about the launch of the iPhone 8, where they are blunt. They claim that sales of the iPhone 8 is still a failure .
MOVILZona's colleagues have had several conversations with the main telephone operators in Spain .
According to the operators, the main reason why the iPhone 8 is not taking off in sales is by the little stock of the models most in demand. In addition they also emphasize the continuista design of the same, where even, many users opt to buy the iPhone 7benefiting of a more attractive price.
Prices, of course, also affect, but this is where the operators try to make very attractive offers for customers, giving a very low result according to their forecasts.

Comparison between Apple's direct competitor

In surveys conducted at a general level, we can see the interest of users for the terminals that exist today in the market. Being the Samsung Galaxy S8 as the main claim, where the iPhone 7 would be in second position, but quite detached from the first.
Curiously, the iPhone X occupies the last position, with only 4.72% of the users who would be interested in buying it. Followed by the new iPhone 8 stands with 5.2% of users interested in this model.

Users still prefer iPhone 7

If we go to the survey made exclusively with Apple terminals, the iPhone 7 returns to win in the statistics of interest by Apple users, with the iPhone 7 reigning the table, followed by the iPhone 7 Plus.
We can see how again, the iPhone X occupies the last position followed by the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It does not seem that they liked much the news to the customers who were waiting for the new iPhone this year.
The iPhone 8 is an extraordinary terminal , with lots of power and an improved camera. It also includes wireless charging with Qi standard , but seems to be not enough.
At the end of this month will open reservations for the iPhone X, where we will be attentive to the graphs of MOVILZona colleagues to know the results.

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