Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pixel 2 Google also don't have headphone jack, you also will criticize them for it?

Google introduced its new smartphones yesterday, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL . They are the purest Android that you can buy, according to configuration near the thousand dollars, more or less the price that Samsung sells its most powerful smartphones, or Apple the iPhone 8/8 Plus. If you like Android, this is probably the best offer, with the best camera, water resistance ... basically everything that is expected of a smartphone model, except perhaps the wireless charge, which for some reason, is not a feature of the Pixel 2. All this would not be news in iPhones if it were not for a couple of very interesting details; The first is that none of these smarpthones have minijack headphone jackBut now, it is not Apple who designed them, but Google. We will be very attentive to the complaints and laughter of other manufacturers around this issue. Apple, as we have repeated many times, was not the first manufacturer of smartphones to remove that headphone connector (was Motorola ...), and now, it is not the last. However, they have been the most criticized for this, despite including in the box an adapter to be able to connect the headphones to the port Lightning. The only drawback is that while charging the iPhone, you can not connect headphones with that adapter, something that will partly be alleviated with the wireless charge of the iPhone 8. In any case, Apple is pushing with its product catalog to use only wireless headsets, much more comfortable, but also more expensive, and it seems that Google is following the same path .
Google Pixel 2 without headphone jack
Another curiosity of this new terminal has a design ahead, all screen, according to the times that run. Ahead, it's nice, simple, it has nothing that catches the eye;
Google Pixel 2 without headphone jack
But behind, it reminds us of another smartphone 
Google Pixel 2 compared to the iPhone X and the original iPhone
It is very ironic that Google now design a smartphone more similar to the iPhone, and Apple design an iPhone that looks nothing like the original iPhone
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