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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Protect your iPhone X and avoid distractions due to drops or scratches

The new iPhone X went on sale yesterday with a great demand, going up to 6 weeks of waiting, so it is best to protect it so that it is intact for a long time immediately after receiving it.
That is why we have prepared a series of covers and crystals to protect the screen. We already saw the delicacy of the iPhone 8 , so it is better to prevent than to cure.
If you are one of the lucky ones who will have the iPhone X next November 3 , you will have to hurry to have it protected from the first moment.

Ultra thin case

With this case you will hardly notice that you have a protection for your iPhone, in addition to protecting the entire contour of it. It has very high valuations and a pretty good price.

Transparent cover

If you do not want to lose any detail of your new iPhone X, you need a case that lets you show your entire design. So we present a completely transparent case which will also protect the entire outline of the iPhone.

Design, quality and robustness

If you are looking for a cover that has everything, this is one of the main options. Especially now that it has had a spectacular price drop. This case is not rigid, which dampens well possible falls.

Hard shock proof case

If we work in a place that is not an office, perhaps we will need the best protection, that is why we have found this Spigen cover, from which it is able to absorb the big impacts. It offers a carbon fiber design that gives a pretty spectacular touch.

Screen protector with lifetime warranty

The screen of our iPhone X could suffer an unexpected scratch, that is why we need a screen protector of quality and that offers us a reliability. This is the case of this screen protector, which offers us a lifetime guarantee.

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