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Friday, October 27, 2017

Resales begin, the new iPhone X for 2,700 euros

It was predictable, after rumors about the scarcity of the iPhone X, resales would be a round business for many users.
On eBay we can now find iPhone X 64 X for almost 2,200 euros plus 59 euros shipping , we also find it in auctions, where the shipment is scheduled from 3 November.
We recommend not to buy any iPhone X in resales , this encourages to speculate with the prices of Apple devices, increasing the shipping time for customers who really want the terminal.

Resales is a business that affects us all

Resale iPhone X eBay
It is not the first case we found, with the AirPods we could see how there were users who bought mass quantities to resell them, the few units that arrived at the stores practically disappeared at the moment.
The price of these increased considerably , in the face of the desperation of customers who wanted to have a unit and saw the waiting time in the official stores increased to 6 weeks.
With the iPhone X is happening exactly the same, hence the competition among users who want to enjoy the new flagship Apple, is depleted by those who just want to do business at our expense.
In addition to the high price, we face possible scams , terminals that do not arrive or where we receive a product that is not what we had paid, in addition to being able to receive a clone, where the box and the device with the naked eye is practically the same as an original .
Apple is doing everything possible to have a stock as wide as possible, so have a little patience and do not go to resales to get the iPhone X.

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