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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Revive free retro console games on your Mac with OpenEmu

On Mac we have one of the best solutions to play retro console games like Atari, Game Boy, Nintendo or Sega MegraDrive among others thanks to OpenEmu .
OpenEmu is an emulator for Mac where we can play practically any game that has come out for any of the consoles of our childhood.
It is totally free and offers the possibility to "map" our usual game controller, be it the Xbox, PS or some generic with those that came in different consoles.

The best retro gaming emulator is on Mac

OpenEmu Mac Commands
One of the main features of OpenEmu is its ease of use, where we simply have to download the games we have for different consoles and drag them to it . As simple as that.
In each console we will have our own library of games , where we have the possibility to play in full screen, save games (which many original consoles could not) or make screenshots.
Unfortunately, we have not found a service that offers the licenses of the games for payment, but there are some places where this license has expired and is offered in free format .
If we have an Xbox, PS or a generic controller, we can also connect it, whether wireless or cable. The SteelSeries Nimbus driver is valid for iOS and Mac, so you can use it to play OpenEmu without the need for cables.
Although the application is completely free , it offers a section to make donations to the developer, where we can show our appreciation. OpeEmu is one of the best valued solutions on emulators, even by many PC users.
Its ease of use, stability and the possibility to "map" the controllers (game controls) make it a practically perfect application . So if you want to spend those glorious afternoons with the mythical games of your childhood, OpenEmu for Mac is the best option to revive those retro games.

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