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Monday, October 2, 2017

Samsung believes it will earn $ 4 billion more by manufacturing parts for the iPhone X than for the S8

The Wall Street Journal has today released an analysis that has done  Counterpoint Technology making a prediction of sales of the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 in the long term. These are clearly betting that the South Korean company has greater profits for the manufacture of components for the flagship of Apple than in the creation of components of the S8. In this article I give you all the details.

Samsung to have more iPhone X benefits than S8

According to the analysis, Apple will theoretically sell 130 million units in the first 20 months after its launch (period in which most of the sales of this terminal are concentrated). Of each device sold by Apple, Samsung will take $ 110 thanks to the components of his firm that carries the flagship of Apple. The Korean company forecasts for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are lower, expecting to sell in the next 20 months a total of 50 million handsets , each taking a profit of $ 202 for its components. Specifically the fragment from which I extracted this information is the following:
Counterpoint expects Apple to sell 130 million units of the iPhone X, earning Samsung 110 $ for each of the terminals during the summer of 2019, while global sales of the Galaxy S8 are expected to be 50 million, winning Samsung 202 $ each component, such as screens and chips in its first 20 months of sales, according to estimates based on a projected bill of materials. The Counterpoint analysis includes the sale of parts from Samsung Electronics plus two subsidiaries of Samsung that make batteries and capacitors.
We see how two companies that seem to be big enemies in the market by the rivalry that exists, have a great relationship in the field of business. This would be good to be transferred to the users of its terminals, so that both Apple and Samsung followers have good relationships as the companies themselves.
As we know, Samsung is the only supplier of OLED screens that Apple has , and this may be the reason for the high cost of the iPhone X as pointed Ming-Chi Kuo. We hope that this cooperation between companies will continue, and can end up sharing technologies between both so that users can finally enjoy the technological advances.

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