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Monday, October 2, 2017

Samsung will win around 110 dollars for each iPhone X sold

We have said many times and we repeat, the iPhone X has been the protagonist with a huge difference compared to the rest of Apple products so far this year, although this does not mean that the rest are bad under any circumstance. Many know that the apple reached an agreement with Samsung to make use of components of the South Korean firm and implement these in the terminal in question, as a result of this deal, Samsung will take around 110 dollars for each unit of the iPhone X sold.

The small print

There is no doubt that it was an agreement that greatly benefited both brands. We also have to take into account that the material more expensive than all or almost all Apple products is the screen because it is made of a technology called retina which damages our eyes and less, incidentally this is the component that Samsung has provided , if you can say so, the company of Cupertino.
Obviously, being the most expensive part of the terminal, it is understandable that it would take him almost 10% of each sale made iPhone X . We may think it's a bit short, but we've seen on some occasions that Apple's new smartphone is going to have an estimated 40-50 million sales just at the beginning, that is, when it comes to light.
OLED Panel on the iPhone 8
If you are one of those interested in having this terminal, you should know that even in the United States it is very likely that it will not arrive until the beginning of 2018 to its buyers due to many problems in the production which translates to a possible delayed exit and problems with the amount of drives that are going to come out, so this will slow down Apple considerably.

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