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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Samsung would be working on a charging base similar to AirPower

In the last Keynote of September 12 we saw the arrival of the wireless charge to the company, in its main devices like the iPhone and also came to the AirPods. Along with this, Apple introduced a new charging base so that we could load the three devices we can have compatible with wireless charging: iPhone 8/8 Plus / X, Apple Watch and AirPods. This base would allow us to load them all and called it AirPower. Samsung would be doing something similar according to a patent.

Samsung will end up having its own AirPower

Samsung AirPower Patent
To this it seems that Samsung will respond with a very similar platform and that would have the same objective . This we have seen in a patent that has been unveiled today where you see a sphere that would be compatible with both inductive and resonant load, ie, as all types of platforms would have Qi compatibility. The image of this patent is at the top. What the patent says in particular is the following:
The power transmission unit may include two induction coils in the magnetic induction method and a resonance coil in the magnetic resonance method. The first and second induction coils are intended to wirelessly power the electronic device to be charged by induction. The resonance coil is intended to wirelessly deliver power to the electronic device to be charged by the magnetic resonance method.
Samsung would have taken this idea to the company of Cupertino that surprised us being one of the first technology companies to launch this , something that does not custom to do since its new policy is not to be the first if not to be the best (something that does not is doing very well lately).
We will wait to see how Samsung markets this platform and knowing them may even give you if you buy a Smartwatch and a mobile, something that Apple will never do nor can we consider. And many people will ask if with this base we can load our terminals, and it is something that we must see at launch, because although the new iPhone is loaded using Qi seems to have some kind of modification.

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