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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Send photos by WhatsApp without loosing quality

WhatsApp is the instant messaging application by definition. When we talk about immediate communication, the first thing that comes to mind is this app. However, WhatsApp has a serious problem, and if we try to send a photo to a contact, it will be sent in a quality that leaves a lot to be desired , and unlike iMessage, we do not have the option to do it at a higher resolution.
However, we have a little trick that will help you send images in full resolution, without the loss of quality to which we are accustomed. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

Send photos in their original quality using WhatsApp and Files

Before doing anything inside WhatsApp, first we will have to add the photo we have chosen to the iCloud cloud using the Files -o Files- app . You can add it to any cloud service that you have synchronized with Files, but for convenience we will use iCloud Drive.
Now, follow these instructions to send the images in high quality:
  1. We go to WhatsApp and open the chat we want.
  2. Once here, we will click on the " + " sign .
  3. In this menu, instead of clicking on Photos and Videos, we will touch Document .
  4. Another window will open and we will tap on " Explore ... "
  5. Here we will select the cloud service that we choose to upload the image. In our case it will be iCloud Drive.
  6. Find the photo and click on it to send it.
Once you have done all this, the photo should have already been sent to the recipient in its full quality. If you thought that WhatsApp was not good for sharing photos in high quality, you may have to think about it again.
The most used messaging application continues to surprise us with its utilities . Definitely this is a trick that we are going to use constantly, and more if you are always the one in charge of taking the photos with your group of friends -it is a curse, everything is said-.

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