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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Soon you will be able to play PC games on Mac thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia is already testing in beta mode a new feature where we can play the most powerful PC games from our Mac. The only thing we will need is a good Internet connection.
At the moment, only in a part of the United States is it possible to use this new mode of online games, but soon it could expand to the other countries.
The operation is simple, Nvidia can provide all users with a series of games for PC, where from our Mac we will connect to their servers , which will be playing online with a fairly stable performance.

Nvidia Launches GeForce NOW for Mac

GeForce Now Mac

The system is called GeForce Now , where Nvidia promises an experience similar to that of a PC Gaming with one of its biggest graphics cards. The moment service is free, but remember that it is in beta.
At the moment, the only glitch that has this service is the time it takes to load the games, something they are already solving for the user experience is satisfactory.
Thanks to this new service, we can play titles like Call of Duty, Diablo III, League of Legends, Rockets League , No Man's Sky, METRO or Hitman, among many others.
At the moment, in Spain we have Geforce Now for PC , with a price of 9.99 euros,where we can enjoy hundreds of titles with a recurring subscription. If we want to be aware of the news, Nvidia makes available to all users a notification system. Here we will notify you when the system is available to other countries.
Undoubtedly, this new system of online games with Nvidia , can mark a before and after to play current titles and great prestige in our Mac simply having a good Internet connection.

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