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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Apple Face ID is inspiring Android developers

The product without a doubt that more stir has raised of Apple in the last years has been the iPhone X, but not for being simply a terminal, but also for being an advance in all the senses for the world of the technology and the telephony simultaneously. One of the biggest innovations that has had this smartphone has obviously been the Face ID, an improved face recognition system like never before and it seems that this is raising interest in some Android developers.

Apple always innovating

iPhone X
The influence of the apple in the rest of the brands or simply in the sector of electronics in general is not something new, we just have to take a look at what the phones were like before the first iPhone, which met months ago a decade since its introduction , this terminal marked a before and after forcing the rest of manufacturers to evolve and adapt to what was to come.
It seems to be, although to a lesser extent clear, that this is repeated, this time with Face ID. This state-of-the-art facial recognition system that works even with most sunglasses as long as they let in enough light, has made some developers and vendors of components for Android handset manufacturers have sparked an interest in this.
The iPhone 6 attracts more Android users
To give an idea of ​​the impact that has had the Face ID, the brands that use 3D systems in their terminals has increased up to triple in this field, all due to the iPhone X. Within very little, as long as do not delay the production of this as the rumors said, we can witness the sale of the most anticipated smartphone which symbolizes the tenth anniversary since the first Apple came out.

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