Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been sanctioned because their coach wore an Apple Watch

We all know the incredible number of uses we can give Apple products, specifically the Apple Watch. These smartwatches arrived some time ago and have since reigned their own market and rightly so.
Apple Watch Straps Gay Pride
We have already seen in more than one occasion in the world of the sport that some concrete people have problems due to take one of these while playing an important party, this fact has been repeated, this time with Arizona Diamondbacks, which have been penalized after a game as their coach led an Apple Watch.
The standard does not imply that Apple Watch or anything of this type is prohibited, but that all electronic is totally crossed out , that is, they can not even have the mobile in the field. The product of the apple was not making any malicious use against the other team so the game has not been canceled or its result has been counted in vain, simply punished the team in an economic way.
Not everything is bad this time for the Arizona Diamondbacks since the MLB, that is, Major League Baseball of the United States will allocate the money that they collect from the sanction to donate it to those affected by the hurricane that has desolated so much chaos and destruction in Latin America, more specifically in the area of ​​Puerto Rico.
Apple Watch microled display

It is true that the Apple Watch could have ends that would totally change the situation of a party and when passing unnoticed as a normal clock, the chances that the user does not find out I am very high, especially if he is cautious and takes special care when trying or doing anything that exposes the Apple Watch.
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