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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The European Commission is bringing Ireland to court to continue with Apple's fine

As we have seen on more than one occasion, Apple has had some legal disputes in some European countries and in most cases has solved these in an intelligent way making the penalty in question was considerably diminished and taking advantage of the opportune moment to do it. Last year we saw how they had a dispute with Ireland for not paying some taxes and other taxes on sales of their products, this ceased for a while, but now it has resumed.

Europe against Apple

roaming europe
The European Commission is trying to address the problem that the apple has fled, so to speak, to the resident country of Apple, the United States . The European plan is to take all this to the Court of this country, forcing the California firm to pay the debt of 13 billion euros, which for them is 15 billion dollars.
The curious thing is that Ireland, as a state that is, defends Apple saying that everything that has been said is uncertain and that the Cupertino company has not broken an Irish or European law so they would be acquitted, but Europe as a continent continues behind the block to make him pay the penalty for not paying enough taxes and other things that are illegal here.
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We saw several months ago that even Google tried to help Apple in this case , but it seems that even with the help of the great G the European Commission will continue forward with everything . This may mean even more negative impacts for the bite apple company by forcing it to abandon some of the plans we will see reflected in the products, such as the iPhone X, or as stock market value further slowing its way to the title by being the first US firm to be valued at 1 trillion dollars .

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