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Sunday, October 1, 2017

The FBI will keep the iPhone unlock secret for San Bernardino

After a report, it has come to light that it will not be necessary for the FBI to reveal the details of the release of the iPhone from San Bernardino , that is, the terrorist terminal last year. Apple as a company should be very grateful for this and that publicly show a point of vulnerability in their product that is at the same time one of the essential pillars in the income of the company is not at all something positive.

How much was paid?

FBI and the San Bernardino iPhone
As we all know, it was speculated that the release of the iPhone 5c used by the terrorist in question was carried out by some "forensics" of mobiles in Israel . It is somewhat curious because the apple is known more for its security and privacy than offer the user that for the quality of its products, so we are talking about electronics geniuses who were able to reactivate the mentioned smartphone.
There was also a lot of speculation about the price the FBI had come to pay for the release of the terminal , some said they had come to release $ 15,000, others no more or less than a million, but the truth is that there has been an exact figure on this, the court has said it as "the value desginado" for the liberation of technology.
FBI photo

From any point of view, this was only positive for Apple as we have to keep in mind that we are talking about the largest and most important police force in the United States and even they were able to release an iPhone as well who had to search around the world for the person or group of individuals able to carry out this task and after having made the search go and pay a huge amount of money, which says a lot about the safety of the apple.

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