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Monday, October 30, 2017

The first small review of the iPhone X in Wired is published

Steven Levy at Wired was one of the first journalists who had the privilege of pre-examining an original iPhone ten years ago, when such a smartphone looked like science fiction. It is for that reason that now, with the launch of the iPhone X, Apple have decided to trust him again to be the first to post an opinion after testing an iPhone X for a few days.
If you want, you can read his article on Wired but here we summarize what we think are more important appreciations about the iPhone X

That OLED screen, novelty on an iPhone

The OLED screen, as we have told you before , is special not only because it occupies the vast majority of the front panel for the first time, by eliminating the Home button. Levy tells us that the screen shows vibrant colors, with high contrast. In the world of Android smartphones have been using OLED screens for years, but in many cases had blue or pink tints, or left shadows in areas where the same pattern of the interface was often repeated. In the iPhone X we do not have any problem of this kind, it is one of the advantages of having waited so many years for the OLED technology to improve in order to overcome the LCD in smartphones screens.

New gestures

The absence of the Home button causes a horizontal line to appear at the bottom of the screen. A sweeping gesture upwards acts as a Home button, returning us to the Springboard (desktop OS icons). If the sweep stops halfway, we can see the list of recently opened Apps. With a gesture from one side to another, on the bottom of the screen, we can quickly change AppLevy tells us that it takes a little time to get used to these new gestures but that in the few days that the iPhone X has had, it has adapted very quickly, and in fact, now unconsciously tries to use these gestures on the iPad, although obviously they do not work. It is likely that in the future Apple will try to unify the behavior of these gestures between different devices, most likely this will not happen until the iPad or the rest of the iPhone models also lose their Home button.

Face ID

Face ID has worked well for Levy. He likes how notifications show the content of messages that arrive only if the iPhone has the user looking at his front screen and therefore is unlocked. If not, notifications are shown but without their content, just with the name of the App, adding a layer of privacy; If a compromising message arrives and someone sees the notification, they will not be able to read it, because that content will only be displayed, automatically, if Face ID recognizes our face and we are also looking at the screen . This seems to be the new mode in which notifications are configured, by default, on the iPhone X.
iPhone 8 with an iPhone X next
As for how well it works, Levy has let several friends and family try to unlock the iPhone. They have not achieved it in any case . However, he says that in some cases he has had problems unlocking it with his own face, although Apple has indicated that this is because he has the option that requires looking at the screen to unlock the iPhone X. This option can be disable in the App Settings, so that, if the user requires it, the iPhone X is unlocked when the face of it enters the field of vision of the TrueDepth system, which by the way is quite open... for example allows unlock the iPhone X leaving it on a table, close to the user.

Animojis and augmented reality

Finally, Levy spends a lot of time talking about the Animojis and augmented reality apps, perfected thanks to the new sensors and ARKit , which allow us to see how an IKEA piece of furniture will be in our house or play virtual board games pointing at the iPhone X to an empty table. To us, although we find it funny that a poop emoji expresses and gesticulates like the user, we do not see that this is one of the characteristics that make this iPhone X something different and special.
In any case, if you are interested, you can read his opinion on this type of new augmented reality and avatars animation features in the original article by Levy en Wired . In this video, Levy also gives us a few minutes of those first impressions of the iPhone X.

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