Friday, October 27, 2017

The first units of the iPhone X sold out in a matter of one or two minutes: Now, they ship in 5 weeks

As it could not be otherwise, the first units of the iPhone X have been exhausted in a matter of one or two minutes. Depending on where you logged in, you could see the Apple website serving iPhones or view the maintenance page. If you were not lucky enough to be able to see the web open soon enough, when one got to buy your iPhone X, the first days of shipping were already starting on November 21, almost three weeks after the release date .
In other words, many buyers have not had a chance to even try to get an iPhone by November 3 , as Apple promises. At the time of writing this article, two hours after opening reservations, the wait is a minimum of 5 weeks for the version of 256 GB or 64 GB of iPhone X, as you can see above.
iPhone X
Seen the entire booking process, it is very clear that Apple did not have many iPhone X ready for November 3. In addition, the fact that they have launched the terminal at the same time around the world, has made things more difficult ... probably in the US there would be more units but at least in Spain and many other countries, despite its high price, iPhone X with a delivery time for next week has disappeared so fast from the Apple website that almost has given vertigo. Actually, it's been a minute or two .
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