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Thursday, October 26, 2017

The iPhone X is not healthy ... and do not talk about your kidney

Today, we will deal with one of the issues that is most affecting us lately. Something that we have tried to avoid and justify in every way and for having. A "defect" that for a time attracted all the attention of the community, and probably continues for a few months. It is the worst thing that the iPhone has seen in a long time, the only detail that we all detest of its last renewal. Yes, today we 'll talk about the "ears" of the iPhone X .
And is that, since we managed to access the first renders, we began to wish that this was not its final design. We did not imagine a world in which Apple would allow a phone with such a design. However, when Apple introduced it, we started to appreciate that maybe it was not such a bad idea . Of course, it is a unique design that can have its problems . But it seems that there are people who still do not accept it, and they are taking it to extremes somewhat ... Peculiar.

The design of the iPhone X is wreaking havoc on all astral planes

Some people have gone from saying that it is a bad design, to insinuate that it is bad for our health. How do you hear it? The theory of people like Arik Xander, who decided to publish in Medium a post on the subject is that the iPhone X, with its irregular design , could "unbalance" our brain, damaging our "chakra" or vital energy. That is where Apple's sacrilege comes, they should sue them for negligence.
Leaving the nonsense aside, no, the iPhone X is not going to hurt your health. If anything, the only heart attack is going to take your wallet to see how the more than 1100 euros that cost the phone disappears, but neither you, nor your life energy will suffer any damage, so you can continue practicing your ninjutsu with total Tranquility. The only problem you may have is that it may lead to more stupidities of this type, in that case, the best thing is not to touch an iPhone X, lest it become Mickey Mouse.

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