Friday, October 6, 2017

The Pixel 2 surpasses the iPhone 8 Plus in comparative tests of photos and videos

Apple has been leading photographic quality on Smartphones for many years. However, the competition is tightening very strongly in this regard and interestingly has not been from Samsung, but from Google, from where has come the hardest blow to the iPhone 8 Plus. According to the comparative tests of the DxOMark web Google's Pixel 2 slightly surpasses the iPhone 8 Plus as image quality for photos and videos.
DxOMark is one of the webs specialized in comparatives of this type, and take into account even the smallest detail, in any situation of light that one can think. The iPhone 8 Plus gets a score of 94 points, and is in second position below the 98 points of Pixel 2. The Galaxy Note 8 is tied with the iPhone with 94 points. These three cameras are now the best in the smartphone industry. Do not think that 98 is almost a perfect 100, because this score, there is no limit ... does not end in 100 points, but continues. Of this list of 12 smartphones, no fewer than five are iPhones .
Best cameras in the smartphone industry in 2017
The iPhone 8 Plus, in DxOMark continues to impress the quality of the background blur it gets, very natural , and we are talking about the optical blur, the real, that we have been enjoying the iPhone for many years. However, in other scenes where there is some source of light, the comparison leaves no room for doubt; the exposure of the photo of the Pixel 2 is much more balanced, although we wonder if there is some kind of processing type HDR, automatic, behind ... because in the photo of the iPhone 8 Plus it is noticed that there is no HDR effect in operation. It also gains the iPhone 8 Plus in the score of the quality of the zoom, since the second lens (type telephoto ) obtains more detail than the one of Pixel 2, where it has to use the same lens.
Comparison of Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 Plus Cameras
In short, for many small details, it seems that the sensor and processing of the back image of the Pixel 2 surpasses the iPhone 8 Plus this year. Last year, the same thing happened ... the original Pixel of Google surpassed in this web the score of the iPhone 7 Plus, but it has to be taken as what it is, a very well made comparison that gives like winner to the competition of Apple, and That's good news for iPhone users. The better the competition, the more Apple camera specialists will have to work harder for better results. It is this competition that makes us, at the end of the day, those who win, we are the consumers. Having said that, we must congratulate Google for its great work with the Pixel 2 camera, which despite having a single lens, gets very good results.
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