Thursday, October 5, 2017

These will be the sizes of the iPhone that Apple will present next year

The year 2017 surely passes to history by the speculation, leaks and rumors that there have been around the long awaited iPhone X, which was finally introduced by Apple and in barely a month will open the deadline to get this model .
Without having officially left this iPhone X already exist certain leaks that ensure to be aware of what will be the iPhone 9 that will come out in 2018 . Specifically, the information comes from iDropNews , which speculates about what this future terminal of Californians will be based on what we know so far.
iPhone X charge wireless
It was a few weeks ago when I was just introduced the iPhone X, which leaked information that ensured that Apple was already working on iPhone next year under the design of two terminals that would see the light in 2018, both based on this new design that they have already introduced the people of Cupertino with this iPhone X .
These rumors asserted that Apple would focus the one of his two next iPhone in the iPhone X, presenting in 2018 a terminal of 5.8 inches very similar to this last terminal of the Californians and a Plus version with a screen of 6.4 inches .
iPhone X Notch
The medium in question has simply shown a renders where we can see this comparison between the sizes of the iPhone that we supposedly see next year making it clear that nothing is confirmed yet, and that these renders are just an image that shows the leaks heard about these future terminals.
Also in this information is speculated on whether the people of Cupertino could abandon OLED technology to return to the screens with LCD technology . Undoubtedly all this information is still too early to evaluate it but what we can be sure of is that the market will be very aware of any news related to these future iPhone.

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