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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

They test the Face ID with twins and this is the result

Since the announcement of the function of the iPhone X, Face ID, and the error during its first test in the last keynote of Apple, much has been said about the accuracy of its operation when it comes to recognizing the true owner of one of these mobile . So and before even opening the reserves of the iPhone X, Apple already made publications explaining the veracity of this technology, even in confusing situations, such as the use of accessories or recognition in the case of twins.
But, among all the worries that could be had, the test of fire of the Face ID, rested in its capacity to distinguish identical people; As expected, this has been one of the first tests that the team has done a group of privileged people who already have the iPhone X in their hands, before the start of official shipments that will begin this November 3.

Face ID passes tests in front of twins

Specifically, it has been the team of the Business Insider, which has carried out this test. For this they have counted on the collaboration of two twins, whom their family rarely can distinguish, and they have put to the test the last novelty of Apple.
In the video we see how one of the twins identifies as the user of the iPhone X and records his face for Face ID recognition. In the same material, it is shown in front of the Face ID, wearing caps, lenses and scarves, managing to unlock the mobile, thanks to the ability of the sensors to recognize it.
Finally, the twins perform the action that generated the most suspicion to those interested and curious about Face ID technology. So and for the peace of the most distrustful, the iPhone X was not unlocked in the presence of the wrong twin.
Until now and in every challenge, the Face ID has emerged victorious and surely Apple is crossing his fingers so that no user suffers an accident while testing his newly released facial recognition technology.

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