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Friday, October 13, 2017

Tim Cook already has the iPhone X and let him see ... accidentally

Being the CEO of one of the most important companies in the world, not only allows you to add sums of money to an enviable fortune, several benefits, and the respect and admiration of hundreds of people in the world, but also gives you the advantage of being the first try each new product. And when you're the CEO of Apple, the latter has a more interesting meaning.
Yes, while all mortals just waited on October 27 to place orders for the iPhone X, and Tim Cook loads it in his hands and even drops it. As it happened at an event late Friday afternoon, the CEO of Apple dropped his iPhone X silver color as it slipped from one of his pockets.
Tim Cook's iPhone X falls out of his pocket while on stage. Perfect way to smoothly check your notifications ðŸ˜‚

And the first iPhone uses it ... Tim Cook

The incident occurred during a talk that was about to begin. And as Cook settled into his seat, he dropped his personal device, an iPhone X, out of one of his pockets. The event did not go unnoticed by those present, who immediately set out to see which motive was involved.
Quickly, the incident was shared by what was on their social networks and insurance has fueled the curiosity of those who have been dreaming for the moment when they can have one of these in their hands, as well as Tim Cook, and try the announced facial recognition and as well as other wonderful features available thanks to the camera TrueDepth, just to mention some of its qualities.

Always discreet, Cook returned the cell phone to his pocket and continued as if nothing, although the evil was already done; we all envy him.

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