Monday, October 9, 2017

Tim Cook travels to France this week to meet with President Macron

A company like Apple is present all over the world and despite its disputes with Europe and all the financial problems they have in the European Union due to the Irish affair , Tim Cook is going to travel to France this week to hold a meeting with the French president Macron . Obviously, being a matter of these characteristics, the apple as a company has not said anything, but nevertheless, the news has appeared in several well-known sources in the country related to the Cupertino company.
According to a new law Apple will have to pay taxes in each country of Europe
It is expected that the main motive and at the same time the biggest topic of conversation that will be between the CEO of Apple and the president of France will be related to the issue of education in the country , but above all they will talk about the taxes that are in it regarding these factors.
Tim Cook has given more than once the face saying that in education, computing should not pass long and less at the time we are since in a decade or two everything we know will work as dictated a computer and this will be programmed by codes, so it is also said that he will talk about a reform in taxes to be able to carry out this modification in education .
Tim Cook and the Smart Battery Case
The time of the meeting will be 4:15 PM in France, the same time as in Spain, although as we will imagine, this talk is private and in theory should not leave anything out doors, but in these cases always know some details of the conversation and more if they interfere with changes as serious as the education or taxes of a country as important to Europe as France.
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