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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Uber could be recording the screen of your iPhone thanks to iOS 11

New problem for Apple and for Uber, as security researcher Will Strafach has revealed that the iPhone Uber app would be recording the screen of our iPhone thanks to the new feature that includes iOS 11 . This move would have been authorized by Apple itself which would have granted special permission to this application to take advantage of this new feature on the iPhone and iPad to which other third party applications are not entitled.

Uber continues to increase his bad reputation on security issues

This measure is unprecedented because many screen recording applications do not have this permission, making use of this right without express permission from Apple. To this, Luca Todesco, a well-known security expert, has called this action "extremely dangerous" on the grounds that this right would allow the developer to read the iPhone's framebuffer. Basically the framebuffer is where the iPhone display capability is contained. That is, the developer might be watching what you do with your iPhone.
Uber iPhone
And here we do not talk about what Uber could do with this information if not, which could mean for an attacker that would allow him in a hypothetical case to see live everything we do on the iPhone. Uber of course, has responded by defending that they are already removing this API, and that the use was simply to send the maps of the iPhone to Apple Watch. True or false? A question that remains in the air, although we remain with it will gradually be withdrawing, although we would like it out immediately.
Uber already has a record length related to these security cases, such as the program they used to track their drivers . We hope that this kind of news will not happen again with this company, and we hope that Apple will respond to these facts since those of Cupertino have been the ones that have given these special permissions.

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