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Friday, October 20, 2017

US is the best place to sell Apple's Mac products

We already know that the difference between Apple and any other brand of electronics is really simple to differentiate, the apple, for example, likes to always have the leadership and always show its superiority for what is one of the few companies that have stores deployed by all the world to offer not only points of sale, but also places where we can go in case of any problem with our products. It seems that the Apple Store are the most popular outlets for Mac computers in the United States.

Macs are the star product of the Apple Store

macbook pro 2017
As we have been able to see at some time or other, the apple and its native country are getting along beautifully, this is something that we have been able to verify very recently due to a survey in which almost 2 out of 3 American teenagers had an iPhone and that the Average Apple products per home in the United States was 2.6, so yes, they are really popular there.

Returning to the main theme, surveys have been re-conducted, but this time they were intended to know where they most frequently purchased X Apple products, whether from third parties or from an official Apple Store. The iPad is the most balanced is, although it is usually bought on offer, the iPhone something similar, but with an abysmal difference between the sales of Apple Store and third parties winning the latter. While Mac computers are the only products that most sells the official apple store .
imac pro
The same brand from California has said that the sale of Mac computers depends mostly on the time of year because, as we all know, Apple offers a solidarity 20% discount to all students or workers in all products of this range to make it easier to access a gadget of these characteristics, durable and quality.

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