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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Visit other planets and satellites with Google Maps

Do you want to go to see in detail other planets of the solar system besides the Earth? Now, with Google Maps you can do it from your Mac, and I have to recognize that with a formidable quality. In this article we tell you how you can make this space trip in the application that we normally use to see where a particular street is. 

Thanks to Cassini we can already see more planets and satellites in Google Maps

If you are an amateur astronomy, you are in luck because the latest update of Google Maps will allow you to explore the surface of a large list of planets and satellites in our solar system and even others. This functionality was already found in Google Earth or Google Sky, but it is interesting that now focus on this website so used by all Mac users and other platforms.
Where do these images come from? From the Cassini spacecraft that was launched 20 years ago from Cape Canaveral. The work of this one finished very recently, the 17 of September to the 13:55 when it fell on Saturn. But, his "death" was not in vain, since it has left us an exceptional material.
Half a million images, which are said soon, were the ones that cast this spacecraft and that has given rise to  construct images of numerous planets and satellites embedded in Google Maps. Although certain planets that we find, they are not completely complete by obvious questions, since it could not photograph it whole as it is the case of Pluto, but that also looks wonderful.
In order to enjoy these views on your computer, simply go to the Google Maps website, activate satellite mode and zoom back to see the globe. At that moment we will have a list on the side to go to the different planets. But, you can also access this link.  The list is made by the following planets and satellites:
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • The earth
  • International Space Station
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Ceres
  • Io
  • Europe
  • Ganymede
  • Mimas
  • Enceladus
  • Dione
  • Rea
  • Titan
  • I respect
  • Pluto
I invite you all to come and see it out of curiosity . I have been sailing for a while to make the article and zooming on some, and the resolution is so good that we can see the relief of the Earth's own crust of certain planets. For me, wonderful. 
In addition, in certain planets or satellites as is the case of our satellite, the Moon, we detail exactly the name that receives each crater that owns, to which you can zoom . Will you find any alien friends while looking at these pictures? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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