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Monday, October 9, 2017

Wearing non-certified straps for Apple Watch may have negative consequences

The straps for Apple Watch are often priced high compared to those found in third-party stores, where we tend to resort on certain occasions. But sometimes, cheap, can be expensive.
It is what happened to a user who reports the image, where he opted for a closure for the Apple Watch and thus use a conventional strap. The closure subsided and the Apple Watch fell from a considerable height.
It is not the first case that we report with straps not certified by Apple, where they do offer a guarantee and a safety in the materials used.

Cheap can be expensive

In this particular case, the user bought a closure through a well-known low price store to be able to wear any conventional strap on the Apple Watch . Bad luck wanted the closure to be released just as it was on a high-rise terrace.
As you can see in the image, the closure consists of two parts to be able to insert the belt, that's where the belt slipped out of position, where the Apple Watch hit the ground.
Some users have also reported cases with "Milanese" imitation belts, where the magnetic closure did not fulfill its function and was also released, having a similar outcome.
In the most extreme cases, we can see that the result can be catastrophic for the user, where repair is impossible , having to replace the Apple Watch with a new one.
Original or Apple certified belts are priced between 59 and 369 euros . Thus, it is understandable that a user uses third-party belts where the price is much lower. But in these cases we have to ensure that the quality is correct , where it is a manufacturer with a good reputation.
We have also seen cases where some users have not been able to remove the strap from their Apple Watch , once they have changed the original ones by a third of low quality.
These are just some more extreme examples, but we show that the possibility of a mishap with low quality belts is higher than with certified belts for the Apple Watch .

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