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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What would happen if the Mac and the iPad had the design of the iPhone X?

Few fail to know that the iPhone X will begin booking this week , its dazzling design without edges made of stainless steel and glass may be ours before we realize(provided we can afford it). But if there is something that really stands out in this device is the lack of borders, the infinite screens are quite attractive on any type of smartphones, but will they be on any other device?

The practicality of living without borders

It is not unreasonable to think about how a computer or a tablet without borders would look, would they be beautiful and elegant or a tremendous flaw in the design? CURVED / labs takes us away from doubts by creating several devices of the company of the apple literally without borders . It should be noted that a screen with these features on an iPad seems quite uncomfortable to use.
Anyway, it is undeniable that the design of such a tablet would be dazzling, more than 95% screen on a fairly large flat surface, not to mention the reduction in size that could be achieved by keeping the 10.5 inches . It may seem like the least comfortable device in the world, but that is because it does not yet exist and we have not had the opportunity to try it.

Devices without borders, another world apart

KGI assures that future generations of iPad Pro will come without borders(something quite questionable), but how would a MacBook or iMac without any edge? There is a word that would describe it perfectly: impressive. Year after year, the frames of laptops are getting thinner and thinner and it is not at all crazy to think that one day they may end up without these.
Anyway, the trend of screens that occupy more and more percentage of surface is not at all a bad thing: less edges, more screen. In addition, the futuristic aspect that devices with this type of configuration acquire is impressive and however ergonomic some devices with such screens may seem, surely you just need to try it and get used to it.

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