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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

WhatsApp copies iPhone emoji and brings them to Android

When we think of emoji, we come to the head of a group of characters of the most curious thought to express our opinions, our emotions. They are our digital representation in a world where it is still not possible to send our physical or mental state to others in detail, or the thoughts that have arisen after a proposition. The problem is, that not everyone is the same.
The truth is, you have to be really clever to express yourself correctly by emoji, without anger or embarrass someone, unless you have an iPhone X . But it does not help at all that every keyboard, operating system, or brand has its own repertoire of emojis. While it is true that there is some standardization in its use thanks to Unicode , each emoji can be represented in several different ways, in order to "fit" in the design of each software.

In the Emoji War, Apple has also won its own battle

Source: Emojipedia
In the case of Android, some time ago decided to create a set of icons that differed significantly from what was supposedly the standard . Over the years, they thought that maybe it was time to put some emojis that were not so confusing, but it's too late. The vast majority of us already associate those created for iOS as the right ones for this emotional language, and we probably also adopt the Animojis when they arrive.
Now, WhatsApp, the premier multi-platform instant messaging app, will adapt to the change by integrating some really similar to those designed by Apple on its rival Android platform . Again, the idea is that these emojis do not have different meanings depending on the phone in which they are read, and that each and every one of us reach the same message. No misunderstandings or possible discussions. Now, can you do it? Sure many Android users will not be very happy with the change.

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