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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

With Luna Display you can have macOS on any iPad without using cables

Using our iPad with macOS without using any cables, will be possible soon thanks to a crowdfunding project Basically it is a USB device that transmits the signal of a Mac to our iPad with a speed greater than that of AirPlay.
Luna Display comes to turn our iPad into a second wireless screen . We currently have solutions like Duet Display in the App Store, designed by Apple engineers, where we promise "zero lag" through the Lighting cable.
The particularity of Luna Display is its ease of use and the speed with which we can begin to interact with our iPad, currently has collected more than 532,000 dollars.

How does Luna Display work?

Video player
Very simple, through a Mini DisplayPort or USB-C connector that will emit a wireless signal to our iPad, where we will automatically have the video signal from our Mac. Inside this transmitter (which by the way, has a spectacular design) is everything the necessary firmware for both of them to link in a very fast and simple way.
The device is really small, has a very minimalist design with a high quality finishes. Next to this device, we will have a free application that will link between our iPad and our Mac.
It is designed to work with WiFi , but if for any problem we can not use a WiFi connection, we also have the option of having our external screen on iPad via USB cableBoth ways offer a fairly high reliability with image quality and performance.
Luna Display Gif
With Luna Display we will have the opportunity to have macOS on our iPad in a tactile way and we can even use our external devices, such as a keyboard, a mouse, as these connect to the Mac and iPad will be an extension of it. We can also use macOS from the iPad with the Apple Pencil.
The really interesting is that it will work with virtually any iPad , the only requirement is that they support at least iOS 9.1 , ie from the iPad 2 onwards, even is valid with the iPad mini 1.
The campaign is still a success, there are still 8 days left to finish and it has collected more than half a million dollars, where almost 6,500 people have financed this project of Luna Display.
We can find it from $ 49 with $ 15 shipping, if we buy two, we will save $ 1, but we will have a free shipping. Currently, there are about 250 units for 65 dollars, or about 55 euros.
If you want to fund Luna Display , you have to know that until May 2018, shipments will not start, where sometimes crowdfunding projects are often delayed.

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