Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Xeon custom chips look like they'll be one of the great innovations of the iMac Pro

It was this same year when in an interview with some of the most important directors of Apple, where he ensured that throughout this year the different products of Mac would undergo an important update, and that would serve to please the most demanding public of the people of Cupertino that already demanded updates in these devices.
Having said that it was the Apple itself that made it clear that this update on the Mac would start with the iMac Pro , a model that although we know that will be characterized by its power and performance we knew nothing except that it would be released later this year .
power iMac Pro
It is precisely now that in the well-known Geebench medium has seemed a score in terms of power of a product that seems to be Apple , and that everything indicates that this is the iMac that we could see in December.
In the well-known medium where you can see the power of the equipment we have seen how it reached more than 35,000 points in terms of power is concerned, 41% more than the model of Mac Pro that had so far in the market .
According to this information everything points to that this future product of Apple will have a feature never before seen in Apple Macs as they are the custom Xeon chips, something that although it is not confirmed in this test of power this happened .
iMac Pro
What Apple confirmed about this iMac Pro is that it would have the best Radeon Pro Vega graphics, up to 4TB of SSD storage and up to 128GB of RAM. For its part from Cupertino also made it very clear that this product will share the same design as the standard iMac , but with a totally flash architecture, a new thermal design and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.
With all this we can see that this future iMac Pro will be Apple's most powerful product to date, but we will have to see if the most discerning Californians really see these new Macs .
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