Thursday, October 26, 2017

You are deaf? Then the iPhone is your mobile

Apple and the Cochlear company announced their alliance in July , and now finally the first product of that association is available. As detailed in a report by The Australian, Coclear has launched its Made for iPhone , a Nucleus 7 sound processor in Australia that will soon reach other countries.
The product is designed for users with profound hearing loss, as was explained last summer. Cochlear worked alongside Apple's accessibility engineering team to design the integration with the iPhone. With this partnership, users can listen to music and podcasts, watch videos, make calls , and more through the Nucleus 7 implant.
Nucleos 7 is the first sound processor for iPhone and users with cochlear implants, it is the smallest and lightest of those available in the market .
The Nucleus 7 sound processor is a turning point for people with hearing loss, opening the door for them to make phone calls, listen to music in high quality stereo sound, watch videos and perform FaceTime communications transmitted directly to their implant coclear , said CEO Chris Smith earlier this year.
Sarah Herrlinger, director of accessibility at Apple, explained that accessibility is still fundamental to Apple's DNA. Specifically, in this case, Apple worked for several years to create the necessary technology to allow such a possibility accessory . The work of the company is not limited to this type of implants, too.
We consider that it is one of our main corporate values, an area in which we put significant amount of time and energy ensuring that our products work for everyone. We started looking at this program around the concept of Bluetooth LE and how it would be a beneficial tool in this specific circumstance. The work we have done is applicable to both hearing aids and sound processors . "
The Nucleus 7 is already available in Australia and will expand worldwide in the coming months .
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