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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Yudonpay: get great gifts thanks to your iPhone

Yudonpay is a mobile application that allows iOS and Android users to manage and manage their fidget clubs , as well as get real-time information about their points and how to redeem the products they want.
Are you tired of complex loyalty programs? Do you think the process of exchanging products is a mess? Would you like to forget about accumulating points and cards in your wallet or purse?
Yudonpay will offer you the easiest way to earn points with your loyalty cards to get exclusive gifts. Everything is stored on your iPhone, and now after the new update of the app you will find a section dedicated to an extensive catalog of gift products that you can add to favorites. It is an ideal way to get gifts by managing your loyalty clubs.

Yudonpay, the application that revolutionizes the point cards

The new "Marketplace" section of the latest version of Yudonpay for iPhone is organized in different categories: technology, travel, leisure, pets, cosmetics ... Here you can find absolutely all the products that loyalty clubs offer as a gift, and you can add to Favorites those that interest you most.
In this way, Yudonpay will facilitate the process of acquisition of gift products. You will not have to be constantly pending to see how many points you have accumulated. This useful application reverses and simplifies the process so that the users are the ones who select the products to accumulate points and obtain them.
On the other hand, the latest update of Yudonpay has an optimization of the clubs that can be connected to get balance points and information. In addition, the application has revamped the user interface design of the initial screen to provide better usability and has included Push Notifications.
You can get the free version of iOS and Android from here:

What loyalty clubs are available?

Yudonpay allows you to add up to 171 loyalty clubs . Imagine how many gifts you can get! Among the most interesting, you will find Fnac, Vips, Renfe, Meliá, Eroski, Druni, Air Europa, American Express, Cinesa, Repsol, Iberia, H & M or Game. There are many!

How does Yudonpay work?

Most loyalty clubs have a very complex registration process. In addition, they do not always provide all the information available on the promotions to their consumers. On the other hand, it is a mess to have to keep all the points and all the cards in physical format. That is why Yudonpay will facilitate this work, as a tool that groups loyalty clubs in one place.
Advantages of using Yudonpay
  • Add loyalty clubs quickly and easily.
  • Add loyalty cards.
  • Save client cards.
  • Keep track of the evolution of points.
  • Information about benefits and promotions of your favorite brands.
First you must mark your goals and interests from the Yudonpay Marketplace, accessing a catalog of products that loyalty clubs give away. Then you will have to use your cards in establishments, directly from your iPhone. And finally, once you've got the points, you can redeem your gifts .
It is absolutely great to finish the day and see how your weekly purchases have allowed you to get free movie tickets, kitchen utensils or a discount on your next purchase. And Yudonpay makes it very easy.

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