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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A blogger swindled Apple and got favorable treatment

Taking advantage of Apple's interest in health, an Australian blogger decided to contact the Californians to tell them a story of improvement.
The story was based on a diet that helped him get out of brain cancer , where he had counted on his experience in a book and wanted to translate his idea into an app to help other people.
Apple was very interested in your case, even promoted its application in the App Store, until everything was completely uncovered. Apple had been scammed.

Lies and a close relationship

In just 18 months, Belle had obtained more than $ 500,000 thanks to her application, books and other benefits. The app was launched in 2013, where it got Apple to promote it in the App Store.
Some emails with an executive of Apple (of which they were not very informal), could help Belle Gibson to catapult her application and integrate it into the newly launched Apple Watch .
Everything began to fall apart, Apple was realizing that his story was not true, even so, he continued to help her in everything they could, at least until they were certain of the possible deception. It was Gibson herself who confirmed it in an interview.
In a statement, Bell Gibson said that perhaps his diagnosis was wrong . After these statements came to light, one of Apple's top public relations managers sent her an email: "I hope you feel a little better today, ma'am." In those moments, the relationship between Apple and the blogger came to an end.
The night before launching the Apple Watch, Apple had prepared a series of original applications to present their smart watch. Their star apps were from Nike, Pinterest and The Whole Pantry . The latter was the alleged fraudster, where Apple decided to cancel all that was related to her within hours of the launch of Apple Watch.
Apple has not wanted to make any kind of statements about it, where to try to forget everything that happened during that time. On behalf of the Federal Court of Australia, he fined $ 440,000 for "misleading conduct".
Without a doubt, a hard blow for Apple , where he wanted to promote his health section with a case of overcoming and in the end were scammed by a blogger .

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