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Saturday, November 11, 2017

A lamp and a charger for your iPhone, the brilliant idea of ​​IKEA

Although it is difficult to take off completely to have to "compete" against the fast charge, the truth is that wireless charging systems are really practical technologies that you can not stop using when you get used to it. With the support of Apple, which has finally introduced the Qi standard, the most widely used by manufacturers, in all of this year's new iPhone, including the iPhone X , it will recover the strength it had in the beginning.
Surely you will know that if you want to use this new functionality of Apple phones, you will need to have a compatible charging base . And if you do not have one already, you will probably have been a little confused with the amount of options that exist. Before you launch directly for the cheapest one, consider for a moment that maybe you want one that fulfills some function rather than simply charging the mobile. And for that, IKEA has a perfect option.

Wireless charging, with sense and purpose thanks to IKEA

Keeping the minimalist design that the Swedish furniture company likes so much, we have the Riggad, a work lamp that allows the charging of two electronic devices at the same time. All this, thanks to its wireless charging base, fully compatible with the new range of iPhone, and its USB charging port, perfect for connecting the iPad or Apple Watch cable while we have the phone in the base.
And all this, with an impeccably simple and beautiful design, combining birch wood , metal, and plastic. Of course, having a base like this, you will completely forget to charge your phone with a cable. In fact, I myself have forgotten to use the cable in the phone box because I rarely use it, which can be a problem if you go on a trip. In any case, yes, wireless charging is well worth it, at least, in comfort.

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