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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A surfer has used the new Apple Watch to call the coastguards

Although as we always say, the iPhone X has overshadowed all the products that Apple introduced this year , but that does not mean that these gadgets are not up to scratch and now that the iPhone X is giving enough problems as the line that green that is appearing on the screen of some and problems with the software.

The Apple Watch saves another life

Hermes Apple Watch Bands
One of the big names that seems to have forgotten is the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE, we saw how Apple's new smartwatch saved a life not long ago and it seems that this has happened again since a surfer has been able to call the Coast Guard through the smart watch when he was entering shark land.
Unfortunately popular beliefs put, mostly due to the movies, the sharks as murderers that feed on everything that gets in their way and this is uncertain, but attacks on surfers are very frequent because a table of Surfing seen from the shark's visual angle resembles a fish too much and they see it as food, although many times when they realize that it was not what they thought they let go of it and sometimes it is too late or a limb has been ripped out.
apple watch series 3
John Ziles, a surfer in his sailing mode, was more than a mile away from the coast and thanks to the fact that the iPhone is not needed to be able to use the Apple Watch as a phone, he was able to call the coastguards. Apple already said at the time that an emergency call system for similar cases would sooner or later come to the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE. Once again Apple has turned a possible tragedy into just a scare.

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