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Thursday, November 30, 2017

After a few weeks of use, this is our opinion about the iPhone X

It has been a few weeks now that we are using the iPhone X in these parts, and the truth is that we could not be happier with this new Apple smartphone. It is the first iPhone that does not look like an iPhone as it was presented by Steve Jobs, which was already an hour after ten years. However, it has some problems of use that, over time, will be overcome but right now the truth is that they bother enough.
In this article we are going to tell you what we liked and what we did not like about the new iPhone X.

We like it: It's fast. Very very fast

What most attracts the attention of the new iPhone is probably its speed. Everything is extremely fast, to the point that you really never have to wait for anything, not even a second, to finish anything in normal, daily use. The Apps open super quickly, they are removed the same, the Control Center or the Notification Center appear ipso-facto as soon as we make the corresponding gesture, the web pages load at a high speed, it changes from one App to another with an arch gesture in the lower part of the screen ... everything practically instantaneously. One forgets the waiting definitely, with the iPhone X. It's that simple. Perhaps the Apps where you edit photos or video require a few seconds to process filters or save,

We like it: You will forget the Home button in 5 minutes

Many say it takes some time to get used to having no Home button below the screen. Actually, it is very easy to forget about him ... in a few minutes you use that long bar in the part of the screen as if you had spent all your life there. It feels natural, and everything is again so fast that you can really forget the Home button in a short time. Lowering the Control Center from the upper right corner costs a little more, you have to get used to it because sometimes you want to show it and instead, click on the Home button with the vertical slide, from bottom to top. But it's a matter of a day or two ... it's really very easy to adapt to the new iOS gestures on the iPhone X. It's no problem.

We like it: You will also forget Touch ID

We were very afraid of the lack of a Touch ID. It works so well, it has been there for so many years and Apple has perfected it so much that it was hard to imagine that facial recognition could replace it. However, Apple has done well ... well really . Face ID works wonderfully well . It's just the first version, but it works so fast that you can forget it's there. You take the iPhone in your hand, you move the bottom bar up and it is already unlocked. Actually, in that process, your face has been recognized and authorized because it is the one registered, but it seems that it does not do anythingIt's cold, you put on a scarf, and the iPhone X keeps unlocking with your face ... while you smile under that scarf. Face ID is one of those things that one notices that they are an important technological advance. Of those that look like magic .
Face ID
Face ID is not perfect. There are cases, in which it does not work well ... for example if the sun hits you squarely in the face. For those cases, there is the numeric code. But in general, in 99% of the situations that one uses the iPhone, it simply works well. You will forget that it is there. Only in some cases does one remember a little Touch ID ... we explain it to you below, but even in those cases, one is glad to be using Face ID instead. Apple did well deciding on this new system .

We like it: The battery really lasts a lot

The battery of the iPhone X, with its ele form thanks to the reduction in size that Apple has achieved by folding the motherboard in a sandwich format , has a battery more or less the same capacity as any iPhone Plus model previously, despite being smaller in its overall dimensions.
Battery of the iPhone X
Making normal use of reading and answering emails, WhatsApp and a few photos, sending a couple of messages with Animojis ... and at the end of the day, when one goes to sleep, the iPhone X still has between 50% and 40 % battery remaining. It's amazing. Of course, depending on the use, the duration you experience may be very different.

We like: The portrait lighting mode

The portrait mode allows the second rear camera to be used to take portrait photos, with a background clearly differentiated from the foreground, the subject photographed. On the iPhone X it is possible to use the portrait lighting mode, and instead of blurring the background, it darkens.
Portrait lighting mode
However, getting good results is relatively complicated, even seeing in real time how the portrait will look, more or less. Often, with the normal portrait mode, the one that artificially blurs the background, you get better results if you have time to prepare the scene.
Using portrait mode with a mini panetone box
Sometimes, the portrait mode is just a matter of luck ... make the photo to someone and make it look good afterwards. It's a bit of a lottery, but the results are pretty good generally, and sometimes, exceptional. It is also true that sometimes, for example when there is a very strong light source behind the person photographed, the system does not recognize the profile well.

We like: The general design that has

The last one we like goes for the design. The iPhone X is simply beautiful. It feels solid, it does not slip on the hands because it is made of glass and the screen seems to be literally attached to the upper glass, in one piece. There is no space between the crystal and the pixels, it seems that they are drawn on it. The screen is simply spectacular . The silver color with the white back cover, reminds a lot of the original iPhone for that frame in silver, but the black is also beautiful.
iPhone X
It is an iPhone that really is very sad to put a case . The only thing we do not like about the design, is how the lenses of the two rear cameras protrude from behind ... which brings us to the list of those we do not like .
For a long time, the iPhone X is the first iPhone that one takes in your hand and can not do more than say ... wow . Leave everyone with their mouths open, but without words.

We do not like it: The lenses of the rear cameras, bother

The design in general of the lenses that protrude from behind, we did not like much. This time it is sharp, daring ... but it seems very coarse too. The iPhone dances on the table when you put it with the screen facing up, although this is largely solved with a case. In general, we have never been fans of the lenses that stand out, we would almost prefer that Apple raise the casing to that level and use a larger battery, more capacity, taking advantage of that extra space. The iPhone SE continues to be the only iPhone on sale with a fully integrated camera inside the machine.

We do not like: Double click on the power button for many things

When you download an App, if you have enabled Face ID to authorize them, the iPhone asks to press the power button twice to authorize it. This launches the Face ID authorization system, recognizes the user and authorizes the download. Although it works well and is fast, this is one of those occasions in which a fingerprint on the Home button seems a less complex, simpler solution.
Press twice to authorize the download
Press the power button twice to get Face ID into action. It is also used in Apple Pay, to authorize a payment before bringing the iPhone to the dataphone and paying. It also works well ... and it's also fast, but just zooming in on the iPhone without doing anything other than having your finger on the Home button, it seems a bit more intuitive.

We do not like it: The shutdown of the iPhone X is too complex, it is easy to make emergency calls unintentionally

When you want to turn off an iPhone X, it is no longer done by leaving the power button pressed for a few seconds. Perhaps for that reason, Apple now calls it just a side button. All these options appear when you press the volume up button and the side (power) button at the same time for a few seconds.
Turning off the iPhone X
As we can see, we can show medical data or make an emergency call. It's okay, but it's often easy to press the emergency call button unintentionally . The iPhone X makes a very strident sound in those cases and one rushes to cancel everything. It also happens when you leave the power buttons pressed and increase volume several seconds, inadvertently. It's hard to think of something like that, but it happens more easily than you'd think initially.

We do not like it: The Animojis are very short and they are in the Messages App

Apple has integrated the Animojis as an App within the Messages App. We would have liked the iPhone X had a dedicated Animojis App , well prepared, from which to create videos that we can then share with the instant messaging App we want, including of course the Apple iMessage. However, they have done it as an App within the Messages App, in their effort to get more and more people to use this App instead of competitors like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It is useless ... we are in a world where Android smartphones dominate and WhatsApp is one of those Apps that costs not to find on any iPhone , of any person.
Animoji of the fox
Yes, you can send a message to yourself, record a video of Emoji, save it on the reel or share it on WhatsApp from there, but it 's all too tedious a process . Having to do as you send a message to yourself just to be able to use the Animojis is ridiculous . Here, we all pay the price of Apple wanting to promote their own Message App above all ... but this is not the best way to enjoy one of the star functionalities of the iPhone X. See if a third-party App manages to solve this problem, and another very important one that the Animojis have; For some reason, Apple limits the videos of the Animojis to only 10 seconds . It's too short ... you want them to last much longer, but again, they do not allow it.
There is an App that can be installed outside the App Store, with a developer certificate, but even so, only allows Animojis videos of up to 20 seconds. You need an App that allows you to do this directly in the App Store and with more duration, even if the Animojis are different. Apple allows access to the TrueDepth system to developers, so technically speaking, it should not be a problem.

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