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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Apple already tests its autonomous car without cameras in Arizona

Apple is already testing its autonomous car on an Arizona track belonging to Chrysler, where its system would no longer need cameras to detect objects.
The track chosen to test the autonomous system is quite demanding due to its high temperatures and the possibility of trying different scenarios .
Apple stopped showing interest in an autonomous vehicle of its own, but it is turning into a system capable of integrating itself into other vehicles to make them autonomous.

A breakthrough that has surprised everyone

Apple CarPlay in a Mercedes Benz
Apple CarPlay in a Mercedes Benz
The breakthrough of Apple has surprised everyone. The ability to remove cameras to detect objects is a big step, especially to integrate systems into any vehicle of interested manufacturers.
This would be the new model of Apple, investing in intelligent software for the automotive industry. At the moment, its passage in the manufacture of a new car is suspended until new order.
Too many personnel, economic and industrial resources, caused Apple to leave the TITAN " project for another time. It was not the time, but that moment will come. Reinventing the car as we know it is not an easy task, much less in the short term.
Starting the house on the roof was not a good idea, but establishing a solid foundation in the future of autonomous driving is indeed paying off. A clear example is what Apple is getting these days, where they also made it public.
In the United States it is "something normal" to see prototypes of autonomous vehicles, since a few months ago, the Apple system has also been circulating on its roads. Now go a step further by testing the autonomous system without object detection cameras.

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